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Casa do Vento 

Room / night:53 €59.50 €66 €
(Easter, from the 1st of July to the 15th of September, Christmas)
* Suite: €79.
* Double bedroom: €66.
* Single bedroom:€53.
* Extra bed: €16
* Breakfast: €4.50.
(Carnival and bank holidays)
* Suite: €72.50.
* Double bedroom:€59.50.
* Single bedroom: €49.
* Extra bed: €15
* Breakfast: €4.50
* Full house (16 pax.) Mínimum 2 days: €400 per day
(Rest of the year)
* Suite: 66€.
* Double bedroom: €53.
* Single bedroom: €43.
* Extra bedroom: €14.50
* Breakfast: €4.50.
* Full house (16 pax.) Mínimum 2 days: €360 per day.
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Menu (Only hotel's customers)

First dish
Scrambled eggs and mushrooms or fried squid
Second dishes
Grilled hake or steak with cheese sauce
First dishes
Cream of zucchini or table of cold meat
Second dishes
Baked rabbit with roasted potatoes or grilled salmon   Wednesday
First dishes
Steamed mussels or salad
Second dishes
Hake stew or loin with mushroom sauce.
First dishes
Casa do Vento salad or seafood cocktail
Second dishes
Choupa stew with rice or roast meat
First dishes
Pasta salad or seafood pancakes
Second dishes
Grilled sea bass or baked chicken
First dishes
Rice salad or stuffed peppers
Second dishes
Lamb chops or fired eggs with potatoes and chorizo   Sunday
First dishes
Punpkin crea mor warm salad of Green beans
Second dishes
Chicken rolls or grilled sole   Bread, dessert, coffee or tea included.
Drinks not included
Price 12 €  

We organize private lunches and dinners

If you want to organize a lunch or dinner with friends, family in a quiet and private environment. In Casa do Vento we prepare it, you only have to order it, choose the date, and get in touch with us in the 981 718059 or and not worry about anything else.
Maximum capacity 20 people.

Children birthdays

On our farm, with car park, close for a bigger control of children, outdors, or in the wine cellar depending on the weather. We have Xbox 320 kinect screen 46’’ (116 cm), with skill games, football table and a ball to play football, they will have fun.
The price per child birthday is the following one: Basic birthday: 10€ per child, if you bring your favourite cake. If you prefer we take care of the cake, the price is 12€ per child. The price includes: Four hours in the local, Xbox 360 kinect, football table available (It works with coins), some balls, sodas and water, pizza, sandwich, chips and different snacks, And coffee for parents.   We can also install on the farm, various inflatable GINKANA (Group III)
13 m long x 3,5 m wide x 3,8 high   SÚPER CASTILLO (GRUPO III)
6 m de largo x 7m de ancho x 5,5 de alto SUPER CASTLE (GROUP III)
6 m long x 7 m wide x 5,5 high
4 m long x 4 wide x 4,5 m high   GOAL (GROUP I)
7 m long x 4 m wide x 4 m high   COLOR CASTLE (Group II)
4,6 m long x 7,9 m wide x 3.6 m high
Inflatable pack+ musical entertainment equipment+ revitalizing
• 1 inflatable (medieval castle or goal) + Team + revitalizing musical entertainment -
• 1 Inflatable (Color Castle) + Team+ revitalizing musical entertainment -
• 2 Inflatable (medieval castle + goal) + Team + revitalizing musical entertainment –   PARTY PACK
• 1 Inflatable (super castle) + Team + revitalizing musical entertainment  
• 1 Inflatable (medieval castle or goal) + 1 inflatable (Color Castle) + musical entertainment team + 2 revitalizing
• 1 Inflatable (color park) + 1 inflatable (super castle) + musical entertainment team + 2 revitalizing
• 1 Inflatable (Goal) + 1 Inflatable (ginkana) + musical entertainment team + 1 revitalizing + 2 instructors (who take care the attraction)    EVENT PACK
• 2 Inflatables (Medieval Castle + Goal) + Inflatable (super castle) + musical entertainment team + 1 revilatizing + 2 instructors (who take care the attraction) BIG PACK
• 2 Inflatables (Medieval castle + goal) + 1 inflatable (super castle or ginkana) 1 inflatable (castle color) + musical entertainment team + 1 revitalizing + 3 instructors (who take care the attraction).  
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