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Casa do Vento 

Room / night:53 €59.50 €66 €
(Easter, from the 1st of July to the 15th of September, Christmas)
* Suite: €79.
* Double bedroom: €66.
* Single bedroom:€53.
* Extra bed: €16
* Breakfast: €4.50.
(Carnival and bank holidays)
* Suite: €72.50.
* Double bedroom:€59.50.
* Single bedroom: €49.
* Extra bed: €15
* Breakfast: €4.50
* Full house (16 pax.) Mínimum 2 days: €400 per day
(Rest of the year)
* Suite: 66€.
* Double bedroom: €53.
* Single bedroom: €43.
* Extra bedroom: €14.50
* Breakfast: €4.50.
* Full house (16 pax.) Mínimum 2 days: €360 per day.
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The house was originally built in 1893 and intended at that time to selling of groceries and hardware material.
For its strategic location on a junction of roads, and serving as a stop for railways that made the joruney from La Coruna to Finisterra and from Santiago to Finisterre, in the house guests were admitted, usually student and sellers on their way to Santiago de Compostela, to study or to the fairs, and there were also troughs to refresh the horses.
About 1930 the house started to be used exclusively for the sale of hardware, drug and food. Little by little it was being eliminated the branch of the food and, in the recent it became to be exclusively drugstore and hardware, but keeping the custom that customers could take their cup of wine.
In 2000 the restoration, which lasted 18 months began. During this time the house was provided by central heating, solar panels to heat water, 6 bedrooms with bathroom and a suite with Whirlpool tub and lovely garden views.
Inside the house we have two common areas; the first one is for exclusive use of guest, a wide garden decorated with antique furniture and porcelain of the Charterhouse of pickman. And other area of shared use with the customers in our wine cellar where you could taste quality cold meat and wines, inside or outside the wine cellar, in the porch or in the garden.
All these works were made with care to try to get a nice and very cozy environment. For that the stone of the walls were left to the sight and wood was made to build door and floor. In the design restored antique furniture were used, trying to maintain in any moment the rustic and the classic style of the house, turning it from our point of view into an ideal place for resting.
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