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Casa do Vento 

Room / night:53 €59.50 €66 €
(Easter, from the 1st of July to the 15th of September, Christmas)
* Suite: €79.
* Double bedroom: €66.
* Single bedroom:€53.
* Extra bed: €16
* Breakfast: €4.50.
(Carnival and bank holidays)
* Suite: €72.50.
* Double bedroom:€59.50.
* Single bedroom: €49.
* Extra bed: €15
* Breakfast: €4.50
* Full house (16 pax.) Mínimum 2 days: €400 per day
(Rest of the year)
* Suite: 66€.
* Double bedroom: €53.
* Single bedroom: €43.
* Extra bedroom: €14.50
* Breakfast: €4.50.
* Full house (16 pax.) Mínimum 2 days: €360 per day.
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First of all, we introduce ourselves, we are Elena and Ismael, and we manage the rustic Hotel Casa do Vento.

A Casa do Vento is a small rural hotel, is the result of the rehabilitation of the house of our grandparents.
It is built 1892 and dedicated from then and to the year 2000 to the selling of groceries, hardware, drug, in general you could find almost everything.
In the year 2000 we start with the rehabilitation which lasted two years, in two years we provide our house of seven bedrooms and a suite, all of them with bathroom, television, telephone and heating.
Besides the bedrooms we have a living room and a wine cellar for the use of our customers, outside we have a porch, a garden area, the park car is outside the enclosure.
From 2009 we have the option to rent the full house, for that we provide a kitchen for our customers.



Parish of the municipality of Zas in the region Terra of Soneira. Ideal place for walking in the banks of the river, as well as through the enjoyment area and the awesome natural park of Piedra Watcher which is oak wood of Devesa. The new and old church are also interesting touristic points as well as the Romanesque house of the poet Labarta Pose and the called “Pharmacy Oak”. From the watchtower of the Peak of Meda, where the river do Porto o Grande was born, there are good panoramic of the municipality. The beauty of the municipality of Zas can be observed from the watchtower of the Peak of Meda where the river do Porto o Grande was born which waters almost all the municipality. The municipality also has a rich heritage: Arca da Piosa dolmen and the seven forts, where Saint Adrian and Brandomil highlight (here there is also a medieval bridge). The traditional architecture in the municipality has been kept, especially in some manors and barns.


• Dolmen de Dombate.
• Castro de A Cidade de Borneiro.
• A Carballeira.
• Pedra Vixía.
• Torres do Allo.
• La iglesia de O Allo.
• Cruceiro de Pazos.
• Conjunto etnográfico de los molinos.
• Batanes de Mosquetín.


Senderismo, Rutas en Bicicleta, Montañismo, Paseos a Caballo, Rutas Gastronómicas, Paintball, Tiro con Arco, Multiaventura, Deportes Acuáticos, etc...

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